September 22, 2022 | 

As more and more of us become conscious of the major environmental impact that our clothing has, the term “sustainable fashion” is being used (and overused). Given the seriousness of the climate crisis we are currently experiencing, the industry is shockingly responsible for four to ten percent of the world’s annual greenhouse gas emissions. So, here is a brand that’s worthwhile to purchase if you want to guarantee that your wardrobe is as sustainable as possible going forward: NOPIN. The goal of NOPIN is to draw attention to nature philosophy and its virtues of oneness, simplicity, humility, and wisdom. Its genuine design, which is full of life and sensations, allows the wearer to express themselves freely and come up with their own interpretations. All of the pieces are lovingly created by the brand’s own team of seamstresses in the north of Portugal, a region highly regarded for its centuries of experience in textile, high-quality textiles, and manual craft labour. NOPIN wants to produce timeless pieces with her own designs that are inspired by nature. She will work collaboratively with local seamstresses and their communities to gradually bring each new item of her original designs to reality. Our staff at our own workshop in Portugal crafts all of their products by hand while always taking into account ethical working conditions. Approximately 80% of their textiles and trims are also nationally produced, valuing the expansion of the Portuguese economy. 

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