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The skin is our largest organ, but most of us focus on our face, which only makes up 5% of our skin in total, while we neglect the rest. But it is the rest of our body that needs lasting, rich care. Whether due to a lot of UV radiation in summer or cold and dryness in the winter months, our skin should be cared for daily. However, as with many other things, the choice of brands, products and active ingredients is immense nowadays, which is why we find it increasingly difficult to find a care product that gives our skin exactly what it needs while also being affordable. Fortunately, SUPER ETAGE has curated just the right label for you: Natalie’s Cosmetics is an innovative body care brand created to provide the highest quality, science-based body care products. The label offers a wide range of body care products from lotions to oils and gels for every skin type and need. All Natalies Cosmetics products are free from ingredients that are harmful to the skin or the environment, such as sulphates, parabens or silicones. Furthermore, all products are cruelty free and manufactured without animal testing. Order the innovative products now and effectively treat your skin problems so you feel comfortable and confident in your skin at all times – whether on the beach, in a bikini or while going out.

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