July 4, 2022 | 

A bar of soap, some water and a small eyebrow brush – that’s all you need to shape your eyebrows perfectly. The principle: The waxy texture of the soap thickens the individual hairs and literally fans them out. In addition, the soap weighs down the fine brow hairs less than conventional eyebrow gel and thus gives them more stability. We are thrilled! Whether you like the feathered & laminated brow look, something natural or defined, with a Brow Soap you can shape your hairs in just a few steps. Choose between transparent or brown and turn your brows into wow-brows! One label that has all the perfect tools for the perfect soap brow look is BROWLY. The philosophy of the label: smart, easy brows. The eyebrow products do what they promise, are easy to use and of high quality. BROWLY was developed, initially from the living room, with a lot of patience, perfectionism and attention to detail. The products are multifunctional, practical and made to last a lifetime. Strict attention is also paid to “cruelty-free and vegan” substances. The packaging is also made according to the motto “Green is the new Black” and consists mainly of recycled or recyclable materials.

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