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An itchy scalp, split ends and brittle hair – there are various causes that lead to problems with the hair or scalp, the most common ones being chemical hair dyes and frequent coloring, because most of the hair dyes contain harmful chemical ingredients that dry out the hair, make it brittle, weight it down and rob it of shine – even if they provide more gloss at the beginning, it does not last long. In addition, the chemicals can also attack the scalp, causing irritation, dandruff, itching and, in bad cases, even hair loss. Sometimes the chemical color pigments even reach through the scalp into the bloodstream and are deposited on the organs. This is exactly why we should be extra mindful when choosing our hair care products. We suggest the great products by SHYNE! They are a beauty label from Berlin that develops vegan and cruelty-free hair coloring products with a professional performance. All products are designed in collaboration with star hairstylist Shan Rahimkhan, one of Germany’s most renowned beauty experts. Shan not only contributes his personal wealth of experience from his Berlin salons, but also the direct feedback of his prominent customer base. In addition, SHYNE offers a wide range of care products especially for colored hair – you find everything from shampoo, conditioner, oils and primer to masks. The care range is also vegan, hypoallergenic and based on natural ingredients. It is free of mineral oils & their derivatives, sulphates, silicones, parabens, and gluten.

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