For a long time, highlighter was considered the secret ingredient of any makeup. After all, the shimmering particles reflect the light, thus providing noble highlights on the face and conjuring a delicate sparkling film over the skin. After the make-up trend reached its peak with techniques such as strobing, highlighter has moved back into the background again somewhat in recent months. But that doesn't mean that we have to do [read more]


An itchy scalp, split ends and brittle hair - there are various causes that lead to problems with the hair or scalp, the most common ones being chemical hair dyes and frequent coloring, because most of the hair dyes contain harmful chemical ingredients that dry out the hair, make it brittle, weight it down and rob it of shine - even if they provide more gloss at the beginning, it [read more]


White sneakers are in fashion - every season!. No wonder, because after all, simple and comfortable shoes are real all-round talents for everyday life. White sneakers simply go with everything and are no longer a fashion faux pas, even in the office. In summer 2022, we still can’t live without this shoe trend. Sneakers are designed to be easy on our joints - moreover, the sporty look is totally edgy [read more]


If the word oil puts you off, we can understand. Maybe it's because the idea of applying oil to your already oily-prone face seems completely crazy to you, or maybe your skin is so sensitive that you think you can't use oil , or maybe you just think the whole concept of facial oils is too confusing for your low-maintenance needs . Whatever the reason, we're here to shout from [read more]


What woman doesn't love accessories? The term originally comes from French and means something like "minor matter" or "supply". In the world of fashion, however, they are anything but a minor matter, but important styling elements. Whether earrings, necklaces or watches: Women can simply never have enough jewellery! No matter what the occasion or the time of day, some accessories we don't want to take off because they are so [read more]


A bar of soap, some water and a small eyebrow brush - that's all you need to shape your eyebrows perfectly. The principle: The waxy texture of the soap thickens the individual hairs and literally fans them out. In addition, the soap weighs down the fine brow hairs less than conventional eyebrow gel and thus gives them more stability. We are thrilled! Whether you like the feathered & laminated brow [read more]


Do you have a festive occasion but just don't feel like wearing a dress? - the jumpsuit is a stylish alternative that makes it easy to achieve a stunning look. On the one hand, the combination of several garments in one makes styling a lot easier. After all, you only have to reach for one piece and you are immediately dressed in style. On the other hand, it looks much [read more]


Summer, sun and beach - the warm season is a time of carefreeness and relaxation. We want to lie in the lounger by the pool, on the beach or take sunset walks, and of course look stylish while doing so. So we need one thing very urgently in summer - the right swimwear. But even during this time, we should not forget the impact we have on the environment with [read more]


We all love our hair. Whether short or long our hair is a sign of femininity and beauty and for many women the most important feature. But especially in the warm summer months our hair suffers the most. Whether due to heat, UV radiation or salty sea water - our hair does not have it easy at the moment and that can be seen quickly. So we are all looking [read more]