July 14, 2022 | 

In fact, brown has never really gone away. It is a timeless colour. A classic, both in fashion and in interiors. And yet brown is the colour of the hour. Because until now, you saw nuances between dark chocolate, hazelnut and caramel mainly in the cold half of the year. That’s over now! Brown has made its grand entrance as one of the most important trend colours of early summer and was also surprisingly often spotted as a complete look at the Fashion Weeks Spring/Summer 2022. But where does the hype around the natural tone come from? Warm, dark hues provide a pleasant counterpoint to the digitised world around us. We think of iced tea, wood, warm earth, chocolate ice cream. Nothing reminds us of the numerous screens everywhere. Brown reflects our longing for naturalness, harmony and tranquillity. No wonder, given the horrors of our time. Brown works for everyone and immediately increases the feel-good factor of your home. In order to be able to furnish your home in the new trend colour, we have spotted the perfect interior label at SUPER ETAGE. At OK Design you will find interior pieces that are not only in the cool earth tones but also extremely stylish! Besides that the label is also very sustainable with 100% eco friendly & high quality materials.

As a registered retailer at SUPER ETAGE, you can order the trendy pieces right away:

Label Showroom

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