Press Release

Are you ready to wear it?

Hamburg, March 2019 - SUPER ETAGE, the digital B2B order platform, is strongly expanding the "Apparel" segment in its product portfolio. 

Course for growth: Since the beginning of 2019, the internal trend and label scouting team has been focusing strongly on the women's apparel and menswear sector and is selectively focusing on expanding the portfolio. This sector currently accounts 10% of the total portfolio - with rising tendency. The remaining 90% are distributed among fashion and lifestyle accessory labels, still the established niche of the fashion start-up. 

SUPER ETAGE stands for an individual, exciting and new product portfolio. In order to always fulfill this reputation, all labels and designers are selected, curated and verified on a daily basis. Freelancer trend scouts track down young brands in metropolises worldwide and acquire them directly. A special attention is also paid in the Ready-to-Wear section to ensure that the products have an unusual design and an authentic history. Examples of this include "Philipp Lichtenfeld" with his high-quality styles, which focus on rich details and sustainable materials or the Greek label Love+Alicia, which offers feminine-romantic looks that reflect the spectrum for special occasions and evening wear. Specialists such as Treasures Design, that produces finely perforated leather ponchos and accessories, or Made Wright London, a British label for exquisite Pyjamas, are also scouted for the portfolio - they offer limited, handcrafted and niche collections - exactly the SUPER ETAGE criteria.

Since 2017, the IT startup has been bringing together labels and retailers with a digital marketplace concept and revolutionising the entire order chain: searching for trends or in categories, discovering newcomer labels and perfectly matching products, placing orders directly and paying for them - all via one single interface. The platform gives the labels the opportunity to digitise their business and market it in an innovative way - their products become visible for international department, multi-brand and concept stores as well as boutiques and e-commerce.


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