Press Release

SUPER ETAGE goes green! 

Hamburg, October 2019: The Fashion-Tech Startup has extended the B2B Order shop by the sustainable category "Green". The platform thus follows the (consumer) trend towards more sustainability, which is strongly developing to a positive lifestyle and is just as important in the fashion/lifestyle segment. 

The topic of sustainability is undergoing an image change. Environmentally conscious and fair products are no longer an exception, but a standard - whether on supermarket shelves or in your favorite boutique, the demand is rising in all areas of life. "We are clearly feeling the impact of this social development and are responding by highlighting the approximately 50 "green" labels from our portfolio in a new section. This makes ordering organic products more transparent and faster for our retailers and buyers", explains Laisa-Maria Mann, Managing Partner. 

The sustainable products offered at come from all categories: Fashion, Accessories, Decoration and Beauty. 

Above all, the beauty segment is growing rapidly: there are more and more "niche" labels that produce cosmetics, such as "Green and the Gent", which are also produced vegan and without animal testing. In order to guarantee full transparency, only certified labels are included in the green category of the online marketplace.

Not only the product portfolio of the order platform is green, the innovative concept itself already focuses on sustainability: SUPER ETAGE brings together international labels and retailers on the digital platform. This enables global trade without labels and retailers having to travel to trade fairs or showroom appointments - which is good for the company's own eco-balance. Young, product-focused labels are featured and the stationary retail trade is strengthened - a counter-movement to the fast fashion culture.


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