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H&M, ZARA & Co.? - what's next?

Hamburg, May 2019. SUPER ETAGE is a Hamburg-based fashion-tech start-up that offers several digital solutions to help stationary textile retailers and thousands of young designers and fashion labels finding their way out of the crisis.

Each of us knows the feeling at a party of discovering our own outfit several times with others - thanks to the extreme market penetration of large vertical brands like Mango, Topshop, ZARA & Co. But the bright hippie earrings with turquoise stones from the small boutique in Santa Eularia/Ibiza make the high street look individual! This fashion & IT startup wants to counteract the closure of hundreds of thousands of small, special and well-assorted boutiques, multi-brand and concept stores and thus the extinction of entire city centers.

SUPER ETAGE enables the countless shop owners and buyers, who are located between New York City and Tokyo, to find and order the right, individual assortment for their customers and at the same time save costs! Conversely, this means that the fashion-conscious end consumer will finally have the opportunity again to choose from a variety of exclusive and high-quality products by upcoming international designers for whom the fashion world is known. In order to give everyone access to the highly coveted pieces, SUPER ETAGE has recently made it possible to buy selected products from young, progressive, trendy and "niche" premium labels in online shops such as About You, OTTO and Zalando. Several dreams come true: the buyer scrolls through an offer of big brands and hip newcomers and small labels are listed between “Baum und Pferdgarten” or “maje”.

With its B2B marketplace, SUPER ETAGE creates a link between many small to medium-sized fashion labels and designers and retailers from all over the world. Buyers and store owners can either search, order and pay for their desired product quickly and efficiently with a maximum of three clicks or be inspired by various trend tools, create wish lists or simply contact the designers. The order shop thus offers fashion content and real business in one.

The unique thing is that for the first time the buyer is able to order and pay for different articles from different companies, even in small quantities. Consumers can only guess what this means for buyers - for consumers it is the most normal thing in the world, for textile retailers it is a revolution! With this digital solution, costs for exhibition stands, travel or staff can be saved and the time-consuming search for that special piece that makes our fashion hearts beat faster is finally satisfied again.

750 international accessory labels are already listed on SUPER ETAGE - almost 65% of them come from Europe. Fashion buyers, on the other hand, are 60% global - Los Angeles, Beirut, Seoul or Tokyo: SUPER ETAGE knows and has them all: names like Merci, Le Bon Marché, Selfridges or KOON belong to the network. Like you just want to open your own store!

Laisa-Maria Mann, founder and CEO of SUPER ETAGE, started her own business in 2010 with two fashion labels, founded a production agency together with her business partner in Istanbul in 2012, and held half of the shares in Hamburg between 2013 and 2016 with a concept store bearing the same name. Since 2017 she has revolutionised the fashion and lifestyle sector with SUPER ETAGE and her experienced team from the fashion & IT sector.

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