Press Release

SUPER ETAGE relies on the new buzzword "long tail"

Hamburg, August 2019.SUPER ETAGE, the digital B2B fashion order platform, launches a new business model together with its strategic partner Motion Fashion Network.

The fashion-tech start-up launched the B2B2C & fulfillment at the beginning of the year, enabling the labels to sell directly to the end consumer. Through this cooperation, the startup bundles the most diverse competencies of all participants. With 850 upcoming, trendy and niche labels, SUPER ETAGE offers an immense portfolio, while Motion Fashion manages the logistics and the entire fulfillment. By connecting to various digital marketplaces such as Zalando, About You and Otto, the labels achieve an enormous reach: 8 channels in 11 European countries, which reach over 30 million end consumers annually, are already available. By the end of 2019, SUPER ETAGE plans to cooperate with up to 20 marketplaces. The goal is to get 25% of the entire label portfolio on board.

A trend is emerging that is massively changing the familiar world of retailing: Marketplaces represent the future of the fashion trade. With the help of the platform strategy, the digitalization of the fashion industry is being driven forward. In addition, long tail is an increasingly important theory that says that in the age of the internet, niche products are very profitable. End consumers are looking for new, innovative products that they can now purchase from the largest fashion platforms. SUPER ETAGE thus combines two in one: By connecting niche products to the largest players in Europe, SUPER ETAGE is positioning itself at exactly the right time in a promising market.

For two and a half years, the It startup has been connecting labels and retailers with a digital marketplace concept and revolutionizing the entire order chain: searching for trends or in categories, discovering newcomer labels and perfectly matching products, and ordering and paying directly - all via a single interface. SUPER ETAGE started in the "accessories" niche and last year expanded its portfolio to include womens- and menswear. The platform offers the opportunity to digitalise the labels' business innovatively - their products become visible for international department, multi-brand and concept stores as well as boutiques and e-commerce.

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