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September 8, 2022 | 

Clean, Support, Relax and Care: The four essential principles for a balanced body. Living in today’s society can be pretty stressful, thus it is very important to take care of your health, inner and outer beauty. If your health and body care is aligned, you will ultimately feel, do and look good. However, for an optimal well-being, perfect balance and natural beauty, we must first completely “decontaminate” our body. This creates the prerequisite that good nutrients can be absorbed and processed. Additionally, since our daily life is kinda busy, it barely leaves time to have a well balanced diet either. Thus it is very important to support your health with high-quality supplements. With Walgenbach’s supplements, you support yourself with the supply of necessary nutritions and vitamins that you need. But not only that, they also offer a range of skin and body care products to give you exactly what your body needs. As a matter of principle, Walgenbach does not use chemical ingredients, genetic engineering or animal testing. At Walgenbach, the focus is always on the balance between man and nature, which means: vegan products, best raw materials, purity of the products, production exclusively in Switzerland and Germany – all this is just a matter of course. Because Walgenbach truly cares about your health, your inner and outer beauty.

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