July 25, 2022 | 

White sneakers are in fashion – every season!. No wonder, because after all, simple and comfortable shoes are real all-round talents for everyday life. White sneakers simply go with everything and are no longer a fashion faux pas, even in the office. In summer 2022, we still can’t live without this shoe trend. Sneakers are designed to be easy on our joints – moreover, the sporty look is totally edgy and the fashion trend is a casual break to romantic summer dresses or power suits in the coming season. The Label KOMRADS was founded with one sole purpose: creating a sustainable cult brand rooted in current culture, embracing the now but with huge respect for the heritage of its products and the planet we live on. Because of Komrads dream to let fashion and sustainability co-exist, they created sneakers made from apple eco leather & recycled materials.  The apple eco leather is produced in Italy using waste from the apple juice industry. All shoes are made under European working conditions. No sweatshops, no child labor, no miserable wages or endless working hours.

As a registered retailer at SUPER ETAGE, you can order the trendy IT-pieces right away:

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