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Jewellery does not only pimp up a look and brings out our best side – it literally enchants us and makes us shine brighter. Not just only from the outside but also from the inside: Accessories such as rings and necklaces can also have a spiritual meaning. Some people believe that their favourite pieces can have the power to heal and connect and that they can represent inner peace, love, connection and strength. And indeed, that is true. We feel safe and confident when we are wearing our lovely bracelet which was a present of our best friend or loved when having the ring given by the partner as a constant companion. Jewellery as a gift conjures memories of an experience we’ve had together with that specific person or place we love. There is magic and connection – no matter where we go. The label Corazul has made it its mission to make sure that every customer feels the best version of themselves. True to the motto: Seize the day! With distinctive & affordable designs, a minimalist touch of bohemian vintage and maritime art paired with European modernity, Corazul creates unique jewelry pieces. The products are entirely environmentally and skin friendly as well as handmade from sustainable and high quality materials.

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