May 23, 2022 | 

Have you ever thought about where the gold on your neck came from – or how the diamond on your finger was crafted? Usually we are just happy about the beautiful pieces of bijouterie, which often come with a meaning, were a gift from our loved ones or sometimes also one from us to ourselves. Besides the emotions, there is hardly any space left for the thought of what a long and rocky road the new ring or the diamond pendant has been on. But sustainability is not only playing an ever greater and more important role in the fashion industry – when it comes to jewellery, more and more questions about origin and production are gradually forcing their way into our minds. They are doing so for good reason and with the advantage that the changed attitude of customers is having an effect on the labels. As a result, they are increasingly producing sustainable jewellery. A label that not only sells beautiful jewellery but also pays a lot of attention to its environmental footprint is BOUND STUDIOS – it’s a woman-led jewellery brand for sustainable, bold, modern and elegant designs made in Europe. Only high quality recycled sterling silver and premium 18-karat gold plating is used. Their silver rings are rhodium-plated to prevent oxidation and their gold-plated rings are coated with 3 micron 18-karat gold so you never have to take off your favourite jewellery. In addition, the label does not use plastic packaging or any animal based materials such as beads, feathers or leather.

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