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August 22, 2022 | 

Sometimes all we need is to rest, get a cup of tea and reflect on the day. Too often, we find ourselves rushing through our lives without enjoying the present moment – simply because we have our minds either thinking about past times or worrying about the future. This causes massive stress for our body and is everything but a healthy lifestyle! Instead, we should learn to trust and to enjoy life to the fullest. We know this is easier said than done with the busy lives we have, but fortunately there is a method how we can find a little bit more to ourselves again: Yoga. The practice has several positive effects on our body and the general well-being such as strengthening of the supporting muscles and improved flexibility. Combined with meditation and relaxation, Yoga also helps with stress-associated symptoms. When practising Yoga, it is important that you have clothes that fit properly, so that you can fully concentrate on your session. At Urban Goddess Yoga Wear Label showroom you will find high-quality yoga wear clothing for women, which is based on the criteria of respect for the environment, social responsibility and sustainability. Under the commitment to benefit the environment and people, the clothes are made in local and family workshops with eco-products, with GOTS certificates and high quality biodegradable fabrics to stay and promote responsible and conscious consumption. Their Ethos is to take care of yourself every day, both physically and mentally, while taking care of the planet. 

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