August 25, 2022 | 

Sustainable, vegan or gluten-free: In the area of food, we have been rethinking for a long time already, worrying about the pollutants it contains and long transport routes. So why not apply this to the cosmetics industry as well? The times in which natural products struggled to keep up with the classic range and are associated with barefooted hippies and jute bags are definitely long gone. The opposite is the case: It’s the biggest beauty trend of the last few years, generating a new hype. More and more people are switching to goods with organic ingredients to implement a more conscious lifestyle. Being good to yourself and to the earth on which you live has become a prevailing claim, meaning that consumers pay more attention to the traces they leave on the planet. And this works especially well with ecological friendly cosmetics, since the substances used are naturally grown and they may contain no or very few chemically or artificially produced components. Many trendy newcomer labels have already noticed the needs and wants of people and jumped right on this change. MontOlympe is one of them. The family-owned company produces a wide range of natural beauty products from face care to body and hair care. With MontOlympe they developed a comprehensive label that is in complete harmony with its origins – with plain ingredients, without toxic substances, vegan and environmentally friendly. Each tube and bottle is sealed by COSMOS Natural according to BDIH standards, meaning that all MontOlympe products, with no exception, are certified natural cosmetics. The founders are both medical doctors and studied medicine and biology in Greece, US and Great Britain. They have analysed hundreds of organic herbs to reveal their amazing healing powers. During years of exploration, they have found the best ways to gently extract the benefits of these herbs and the most effective ways to combine them into unique beauty complexes.


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