March 11, 2022 | 

The vegan lifestyle has already arrived in the cosmetics industry. More and more manufacturers are turning their products into vegan variants. Living this behaviour doesn’t just mean banning animal products from your diet – it has become an entire lifestyle. Clothing, beauty, food, travel and so on are all part of environmentally conscious and vegan habits. The focus is always on the well-being of nature, animals and thus also on us as humans. It is by far the most popular rising trend in beauty. Consumers are more ethically aware than ever before. A beauty label that is offering vegan cosmetics in our order shop is VOYANICS. The company provides a collection of carefully selected plant oils, hydrosols and essential oils to help you approach skin care – as well as soul care – in a very modern, natural and truly organic way. Their products are selected to elevate your daily and home rituals into simple yet very effective moments of selfcare drawing on the long traditions of European aromatherapy and plant based healing. The team firmly believes in the power of herbal medicine and the pure magic of each individual plant oil. Since no skin is alike, the art of customization is trusted. With pure and single-ingredient-only products, personal routes to wellbeing can be created. It is super simple and also quite enjoyable.

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