August 27, 2021 | 

The essential elements of skincare are cleansing, a good moisturiser and sunscreen. However, if we want to make our routine a little more intensive, a serum is the kind of product we should undoubtedly turn to. After all, serums are products that contain a higher concentration of active components that allow us to target our specific needs much more precisely. Therefore, there is such a wide range of products that comprise both the best-known ingredients such as hyaluronic acid or retinol and those that have not yet achieved widespread fame such as growth factors or niacinamide. UKVIAT is a Polish label that cares about providing products that really improve your skin by reducing imperfections, rejuvenating, or increasing protection. By choosing UKVIAT you are securing high-quality skincare for yourself, but also a better future for our planet. They also put a lot of effort into the source and quality of their ingredients that are natural, carefully researched and responsibly sourced from land and sea.  Currently, they offer three serums which are designed to treat different skin conditions: such as irritation, blemishes or helps to treat the visible signs of aging. At least 2% of the revenue from each of their products is transferred to environmental organisations to act together and fund a concrete cause.

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