June 27, 2022 | 

Do you have a festive occasion but just don’t feel like wearing a dress? – the jumpsuit is a stylish alternative that makes it easy to achieve a stunning look. On the one hand, the combination of several garments in one makes styling a lot easier. After all, you only have to reach for one piece and you are immediately dressed in style. On the other hand, it looks much more exciting than a dress that you see so often at some events. People really appreciate these advantages, especially in summer 2022, and are increasingly choosing stylish jumpsuits that are reminiscent of the style of a dress thanks to the A-line cut, but take on an androgynous influence thanks to the trousers. This interplay of styles makes it an important garment for the warm season! At Lâcher Prise Apparel you’ll find beautiful jumpsuits for every occasion – for weddings, date nights or just everyday wear. Lâcher Prise Apparel is an ethical unisex clothing line based in New York City that has the power to transform design into comfort. Lâcher Prise is more than a clothing line; it’s a feeling.  The concept is simple: to convey the feeling of “Lâcher Prise” through a creative, ethical and innovative design. The collections are designed and manufactured in New York City and support “locally made” clothing. The eco-friendly approach stems from the desire to revitalise the NYC garment industry through ethical and sustainable production.


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