August 15, 2022 | 

For a long time, highlighter was considered the secret ingredient of any makeup. After all, the shimmering particles reflect the light, thus providing noble highlights on the face and conjuring a delicate sparkling film over the skin. After the make-up trend reached its peak with techniques such as strobing, highlighter has moved back into the background again somewhat in recent months. But that doesn’t mean that we have to do without a perfect glow. On the contrary, professionals are replacing shimmer in summer 2022 with delicate blush on the cheeks – and that makes for a super fresh, rosy complexion with just a few brush dabs. The blush from the Belgian label go as u.r. refreshes any complexion and brings a breeze of natural freshness or even sun with the ease of a powder in your face. The label also places an emphasis on sustainable production, low-impact innovative materials & ingredients, and edgier design. go as u.r beauty contains a streamlined range of 5 effective, 100% vegan on-the-go skincare essentials with science-backed probiotic formula & a high concentration of natural active ingredients to protect you on the go.

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