September 2, 2022 | 

Your vacation is scheduled, the sun is shining, and it’s time to find that essential and trendy swimwear. However, bikinis can have a very negative environmental impact from a sustainability standpoint. Why? First of all, it is made of (often virgin) synthetic materials produced from fossil fuels, such as nylon and polyester. Second, low-quality swimwear doesn’t last very long and soon loses its shape, which means you have to replace it frequently. Last but not least, swimsuits are currently very difficult to recycle, so they regularly end up in landfills and release dangerous microplastics into the environment. But you don’t have to search any longer for the perfect sustainable bikini: The brand Nomad Tribe Swim uses recycled Econyl & Ekeo-Tex fabrics for their swimwear, with each peace being crafted in a small and privately owned factory, which ensures it is of the highest quality as well as allowing to offer a customization service to the customers. The label was founded by Jehanne Sacco and sister Alessia while they were in Bali for a sabbatical year, after Jehanne graduated from the Marangoni Fashion Institute. Thus she brings skilled knowledge to the table to create the perfect beachwear. Because they are made from the finest Italian fabrics and have classic silhouettes and distinguishing colour schemes, the faultless items are made to last. Furthermore, Nomad Tribe Swim spirit is to create stylish and yet classic pieces for the millennial, resulting in products that will last beyond a seasonal trend.     

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