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If there were only one beauty tip that everyone should follow, it would be this: Never forget your sunscreen! And not only in the warm season, but also when the sun is barely visible or noticeable. Because even then the harmful UV rays are active and penetrate deep into the skin layers. This can not only result in nasty sunburn and health problems, but also has many visual disadvantages. UV radiation is the main cause of pigment spots and wrinkles. What helps? The right sunscreen which is non-greasy, does not cause pimples and can even be used as a foundation. But especially with sunscreen, we often feel that our skin becomes greasy, extremely shiny and can’t breathe. We have scouted out THE perfect label for you so that you don’t have to choose between a beautiful complexion or healthy skin anymore! The Hamburg-based start-up Matica Cosmetics specialises in the production of sustainable natural cosmetic products as well as jewellery and manufactures them locally with loving craftsmanship. The ethos of the label is to combine sustainability, naturalness and trend awareness without compromising on quality. Matica’s portfolio also includes the after-sun body butter Kyra. The SPF of KYRA is based on a mineral UV filter made of zinc oxide, which also has an anti-inflammatory and wound-healing effect. This mineral filter forms a layer on the skin that absorbs UV rays and does not allow them to penetrate the skin. To support the mineral filter, various oils have been added, which themselves offer natural protection and are above all antioxidants.

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