June 3, 2022 | 

No matter where you look, bohemian style is very much in fashion at the moment. For a long time, the look has ceased to be just hippie chic. In the meantime, “boho living” has completely established itself in interior design. It  is one of the most popular furnishing styles of our time. Strict rules for interior design do not apply to the Boho style, and that is precisely what makes it so pleasant and inviting. Bohemian décor is effortless, with relaxing neutral tones and bright splashes of colour to liven up any area. Whether you prefer the relaxed ambience of a beach villa or the vibrant colours of an outdoor market, you’ll find that the two can be combined in perfect harmony. In addition to printed patterns, embroidery, fringes and lace appliqués are also very popular in boho decoration. These may seem a little too playful at first. But when mixed with the bright colours, they create a beautiful look. So if you want to immerse your four walls in the trendy bohemian style, you shouldn’t be afraid of a wild mix of patterns. It is simply the perfect furnishing style for free spirits and all those who want to become one. You’re sure to find your next dream interior pieces at Bazar Bizar. The label designs and creates its own collections of high quality and luxurious decorative accents and homeware, all of which are handmade and sustainably produced.

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