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In the beauty world, everything revolves around active ingredients. They are responsible for what happens to our skin when we conscientiously apply lotion in the morning and in the evening. That’s why people are researching and working on new ingredients that can do even more and, in the best case, care for us so well that our skin glows. Sometimes, however, it is the ingredients that have been around for centuries or even millennia that suddenly reappear and are named a beauty trend because compared to all the newcomers we had completely forgotten how effective they actually are. And one of those miracle ingredients is gaining popularity again right now – whey. Even Cleopatra regularly took nourishing whey baths, because the lactic acid, calcium, vitamin B and much more that it contains are real care multi-talents and regulate the pH value of the skin. A label specialising in whey-based skin, hair and body care products is Vielö. The Austrian Label takes a unique, deliberately simplistic approach to skin and body care, celebrating simple but effective ingredients. In addition, they are committed to responsible use of existing resources without compromising on quality.

As a registered retailer at SUPER ETAGE, you can order certified organic cosmetic products from Vielö right away:

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