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Without a scented candle, what would a harmonised and cosy night be? The greatest candles are the ones that not only make your space extra inviting and smell amazing, but also lift your spirits. When lighting a candle for the first time, you should always let it burn for a few hours. By doing so, you enable complete melting of the top layer of wax and guarantees even burning when you light it again. It is crucial to not omit that step since wax has a memory. If you are looking for the perfect, sustainable, scented candle, we present Mia Colonia, which offers a selection of scented candles, room fragrance diffusers, liquid soaps, and bar soaps. Each of their products is made of pure rapeseed blend wax with a specifically created scent, making them truly unique. They are completely sustainable because they don’t include any GMO plants, pesticides, herbicides, paraffin, soy, or palm oil. The natural blend wax used is combined with specifically created, premium essential oils to offer you a pleasant, delicate smell that is just right for your senses and not too overpowering. However, the most special thing about their products is that they deliver your message with a candle. They serve to carry energy and the difficult-to-express things, including memories, emotions, thoughts, and everything in between. Their smells will evoke previous memories and inspire new ones. Perfect gifts for your loved ones or simply for your own home!

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