• August 15 2022 | 

    For a long time, highlighter was considered the secret ingredient of any makeup. After all, the shimmering particles reflect the light, thus providing noble highlights on the face and conjuring [read more]

  • August 11 2022 | 

    We LOVE to travel. And when we travel, we definitely do it in style! Get inspired by unique designs that will melt our hearts: super stylish bohemian clothes in [read more]

  • August 8 2022 | 

    The fanny pack was once one of the most unglamorous accessories since the invention of the handbag. Made of nylon, it dangled below the soft bellies of unattractive tourists. But [read more]

  • August 4 2022 | 

    When it comes to choosing our cleansing products, we are usually not very keen on experimenting. After all, no one wants to be left with dry or oily-looking skin. [read more]

  • August 1 2022 | 

    An itchy scalp, split ends and brittle hair - there are various causes that lead to problems with the hair or scalp, the most common ones being chemical hair dyes [read more]

  • July 28 2022 | 

    A trend which has become firmly established in recent years and which we hope will remain with us for a long time to come is the health trend. We [read more]

  • July 25 2022 | 

    White sneakers are in fashion - every season!. No wonder, because after all, simple and comfortable shoes are real all-round talents for everyday life. White sneakers simply go with everything [read more]

  • July 21 2022 | 

    One thing is certain this year: the motto of summer 2022 is clearly "Stand out!" Especially in the choice of swimwear, we want to be an eye-catcher on the [read more]

  • July 18 2022 | 

    If the word oil puts you off, we can understand. Maybe it's because the idea of applying oil to your already oily-prone face seems completely crazy to you, or maybe [read more]

  • July 14 2022 | 

    In fact, brown has never really gone away. It is a timeless colour. A classic, both in fashion and in interiors. And yet brown is the colour of the [read more]

  • July 11 2022 | 

    What woman doesn't love accessories? The term originally comes from French and means something like "minor matter" or "supply". In the world of fashion, however, they are anything but a [read more]

  • July 7 2022 | 

    Jewellery does not only pimp up a look and brings out our best side – it literally enchants us and makes us shine brighter. Not just only from the [read more]

  • July 4 2022 | 

    A bar of soap, some water and a small eyebrow brush - that's all you need to shape your eyebrows perfectly. The principle: The waxy texture of the soap thickens [read more]

  • June 30 2022 | 

    The era of mini bags is coming to an end in the summer of 2022. In the post-lockdown era, we're once again craving bags that work for everyday life [read more]