June 23, 2022 | 

Sensual scents of caramel, chocolate, vanilla and oriental spices are now being replaced by radiantly fresh perfume novelties, which, thanks to the essences of fruits and delicate flowers, immediately awaken summer feelings. And because the compositions are as light and airy as the first rays of sunshine on a warm summer morning, the new fragrance darling can be sprayed generously and all over the hair and skin. A recommendable label which each scent is an affirmation of one’s singularity is Marcelle Dormoy. Inspired by the personality of all facets of femininity, they reinforce daring and boost self-confidence. All perfume concentrates are made at Domaine Sainte-Blanche, on the heights of Grasse, South of France, world capital of fine perfumery. Their manufacturer Art & Parfum and its perfumers are committed to defend the values of a quality fragrancing. Their projects are long-term and transparent, in particular by working with producers of plants dedicated to fine perfumery, such as Rosa Cent nifolia (Rose de Mai) in Grasse, to offer unique raw materials. These fragrances are simply madness and belong as a must-have to the summer essentials!

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